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Dungeon Master: Chaos Strikes Back

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Dungeon Master: Chaos Strikes Back (v3.1 english fixed by anthrox & bigbadcompany)


How to launch game:

- first start exe with game and choose chaos strikes back
- after launch enter to prison where choose your team from pictures on walls
- when you have done press right click on screen and enter to backpack where you must save your game
(click on disk picture and choose option save & quit)
- after shutdown exe start again but this time choose in exe options (utility disk)
- when utility starts do not wait and refresh exe by pushing * on numeric keyboard
then wait few moments
- next click at make new adventure or edit champion pictures and choose chaos strikes back
in the right bottom corner click make new adventure ^tips
- you see warning with question "overwrite the chaos strikes back saved game?",
naturally click ok, then click DEL on numeric keypad
- last third launch it's only pleasure becouse we must do it one thing, refresh game by *
then we can play selecting resume
- game will load to new locations from chaos strikes back!
- enjoy!

^tips it is possible that game will still display warning with "no disk in DH1" message, just
ignore and press ok every time you'll see someting like that
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