AMI.G.U.LA (Amiga Games UAE Launcher) - Winuae frontened.

Jeśli masz problem z instalacją oprogramowania nie wiesz jak ustawić poprawnie emulator WinUAE - ten dział jest dla Ciebie.

AMI.G.U.LA (Amiga Games UAE Launcher) - Winuae frontened.

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Witam !
Amigulator (Amiga Games UAE Launcher), autorstwa Dmitrisa Panokostas z Blitter Studio) jest nakładką na WinUAE pozwalającą na odpalenie gier za pomocą jednego kliknięcia, pozwala na dodanie screenshotów i muzyki, która umili nam nawigowanie pomiędzy tytułami, a dzięki wbudowanym siorbaczom Lemona i Hall of Light za jednym kliknięciem możemy uzupełnić dane o grze o informacje zawarte w tych wielkich bazach danych Amigowych hitów. Sprawia całkiem miłe wrażenie, chociaż installator (on-line) powinni sobie raczej darować;)

Amigula (Amiga Games UAE Launcher) is a Windows application that allows you to manage and enjoy your Amiga games collection.

Scan for your games and add them in a library, search for metadata (such as screenshots and longplay videos) from the Internet, listen to their music and of course, launch them in WinUAE easily so you can play them! It's designed to be as easy as possible for the user, with an intuitive user interface that provides everything you need nicely organized and does not get in the way. Designed the Amiga way!

Amigula is available for free from the link below. We hope you'll enjoy using it as much as we do!


New: Watch Longplay Youtube videos directly in a separate tab, for each game selected.
Fetch game metadata (Screenshots, Genre, Year, Publisher) from the web and store them locally for each game.
Remove individual games from the Database.
Auto-detect and use AmigaForever content (ROMs, WinUAE, paths) if it's installed.
Mark games as Favorites to find them easier in the list.
Add custom notes for each game.
Keep statistics on games played (Times played, Date last played, Most played, Never played).
Filter games based on statistics or Favorite status.
Button to Edit or Create new UAE configs from within Amigula (launches WinUAE).
Recursive folder scanning for your games. Supported formats are IPF, ADF, ADZ, ZIP, DMS.
Storage of all game titles found in a local SQL database.
Use screenshots and music from GameBase Amiga, if found. They are displayed on the right hand side for each game. You can easily add missing screenshots/music by just placing them in the corresponding folder with the game title in the filename. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop screenshots on a game listing to add them to your library!
Launch the selected game in WinUAE (with the selected UAE configuration) with a simple double-click.
Music playback using the bundled XMPlay player, or alternatively DeliPlayer2 if it's found installed. The bundled XMPlay player has all the necessary plugins for the Amiga games formats, so you're ready to go with a simple double click.
Search for the selected game in well-known related websites (LemonAmiga, Hall Of Light) by simply clicking a button.
Live filtering of games from the list, depending on your search text.
Multi-disk game handling (utilizing the DiskSwapper feature of WinUAE).
Option to show only unique game Titles (default) or all files found. That way regardless of how many disks a game has, or how many versions of it you have around, you'll only see it once per title.

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Re: AMI.G.U.LA ((Amiga Games UAE Launcher) - amiga frontened

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Całkiem fajnie wygląda, ma jakieś ficzery, których nie znajdziemy w exekach?
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