Elite Trilogy 3in1 mouse control problem

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Elite Trilogy 3in1 mouse control problem

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I'm having a strange problem when trying to run Frontier, problem being is impossible to control the craft with the mouse.

As soon as you leave the ground/station your craft starts to spin out of control, you can regain control temporarily by using the keys (using Elite method of control) but as soon as you let go of the keys the spinning starts again.

The mouse cursor works fine otherwise, the only other exception being the star map, which starts scrolling out of control even without touching the mouse. By the way, the cursor keys are bound to Joy2 by default in every config so trying to control the starmap or rotate the camera around your craft is impossible without rebinding the keys first.

Things i have tried so far, hardware-wise, using an optical USB mouse, an older PS2 mouse, and a laptop's trackpad, results are always the same. I also deleted the configuration files from "localApps" in case i had messed with the config file withouth realizing.

I'm running out of ideas. Am i correct in assuming other members have tried this EXE and had no problems with it?

is there anything obvious i'm missing?
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Re: Elite Trilogy 3in1 mouse control problem

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I have same problem with this exe. So, it's not your fault (or your computer). We do this soon.
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