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exit works fine for me :)


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Thanks Walkingdead100 needed the info.

BTW....Regarding your other questions earlier....The software used does not allow me to make it totally customisable like addding your own games and pics etc. Its a build and compile process and i have to make a menu for each set of 6 games....BUT....The games are all stored in " COMPANY GAMES" directory so once i have created it i can remove the games and compile the installer.

This would mean the installer could be downloaded and installed empty ...All the users would have to do is download and add the games to that directory. ( although the game names could not be changed ) they would have remain the same as they are downloaded.

I could also add a " Put Games Here" button to open the right directory then the user could pop them in to build thier collection....i could have a complete version....Empty version....and a DVD iso.... What do you think


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synchro wrote:Whilst testing on various systems i noticed Avast always wants to open Exe's in a sandbox....very annoying,
Have you had this issue before al all

i use kaspersky, can't help you with that :-)


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I use Norton Anti-Virus & Avast on another machine and no problems here


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Hi People

Although the Launcher is going well Anthox had a good idea about animating pics....I tried it but with on six pics on a page it looked kind of messey.
Below is a new menu demo i wondered if you could look at to see if you prefer it..
Its only a 5 page preiview ..Hopefully Anthrox will prefer this one.

NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED it just requires executing and there are no games included....Just the menu



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The possible end size scares me.

I've had a look inside the exe and hae a few questions?

1. The 2.3mb BMP's for the menu, can't they be PNG's this way the size would reduce to 92kb approx?
2. What is the 35mb breathless.flv file soing in the docs dir?
3. Animations nice touch, but can these be reduced in size? alien breed is 11mb and IMO the 3D games are the worst in the series, how about an anim of alien breed 92?

Sorry if i'm been a little negative, the menu is looking good but prefection takes a while. I'm sure it'll get there.

PS another idea, what are the plans for updates, could it just be a exe+menu data etc installed over an older version?


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Quality is everything...I alter a lot as i go.... If you alter JPG's they lose quality as you modify and save them so BMP's are always best when building menu's Once im happy i can convert to JPG's....Besides this menu only uses 2 menu pics for the whole collection...The anims will be reduced to about 1meg each.....The breathless file just got left there by accident :) I have made a few tweaks the download demo is now 23 meg

Why does the size scare you ? 4 gig for a complete menued collection is nothing surly and i dont think it will be that big.....And ye i may change the alien breed anim :)

However as i stated in the above post i will also make an empty launcher for download so users can just drop the exe's into the " Company Games " directory so that will be a small download in compared to a complete version. Not sure how i will handle updates yet this is still early days but how often are new exe's released any ideas's

You are giving real feedback so thanks for that but i do need more

Can i show the demo on other amiga forums for feedback as well.....just the demo no games


-- 25 Aug 2011, 13:34 --

Some info on the final launcher size.

The whole thing will probably be just shy of 1.5 gig games and all

An empty launcher will probably be in the region of 100 meg. Thats using the animated version people can download it and put their existing games straight in the games directory and add then as they want.


Demo Update !!

Ok been quite busy this week but just an update if you want to try it....Menued with 20 Exe's no install you just need to run it....Predictions are about right....its a 200 meg download so the full collection will be around 1.5 gig.

Stii got a lot of tweeking to do mainly on the delay when executed but im working on that....this is just to show you how its all gonna look really....An empty version will be available in the end so the user can just drop their game in if they prefer..



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looks better with each release :-)

Add more interactive elements ]:->


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Cheers Anthrox

The anims take the most time because i have to make them myself as i go ...I will add more elements as i go....Music on or off whilst browsing worked well on the c64 version...and i have other ideas :)

Just a couple of questions...

1..Do you want a link in the information to the site ( implenting that button tomorrow )
2..Did the Exit work for you this time ?
3 A personal one ....Is Gloom Delux ever going to be an exe ? I loved that game


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1. hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe, but not need
2. if Click only Exit -> no, if click exit and another key or another key + exit = yes :-)
3. you kiss ring ]:-> (I think)


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you kiss ring (I think)

LOL ..Does that mean Groveling ...If it helps i can do that :)

No i was just wondering if it was in the to do list at all....And maybe how high up the list :)


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I think = now I'm working on it ]:->


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Icon prepared :-P


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what version?

- floppy
- CD
- compilations... (Zombie Massacre, bla bla bla) ?


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Oh Fantastic !! ........I thought you were kidding :)

I think "Gloom Delux" was only on floppy ...The CD32 version was the basic Gloom did not have 1x1 pixel mode ....Il be just happy with the game.....Only add more if you would prefer....I Really appreciate this thanks :)

brill thanks


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Comp please, deluxe, zombie etc if possible :)


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walkingdead100 wrote:Comp please, deluxe, zombie etc if possible :)

I need CD ;)


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I have the games on floppy i think glom delux and the zombie version....il take a look :)


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Anthrox, CD images for the below posted you know where :)

Gloom (1995)(Guildhall Leisure Services)[!].zip
Ultimate Gloom - Zombie Edition (1997)(Guildhall Leisure)[!][CDROMGUI039].zip

Is Gloom Deluxe floppy only?

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