sixth sense investigations

amiga does anyone know please where I can download sixth sense investigations :?: Page 1 of 1 1 https://forum.thecompany.pl/general-talk/sixth-sense-investigations-t1806.html
does anyone know please where I can download sixth sense investigations :?:


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thanks Shoonay
downloaded it but I can`t get it to work in my amiga forever
any ideas please


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What config? Did you install it?


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I made a folder in WORK called GAMES and copied the file into it
then I launched amiga forever wb 3.0 found and click on the file but I get an error message ;-(


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Says here you're suppose to install it, I dunno, never tried it.


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when I clicked on the file I expected it to install instead of that error message - thanks anyway I will investigate further :niedziala:


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OMFG, what a lame installer script... :cisza:

Just checked, during the process of installation it copies a [project] icon type as the game's main directory icon, that's why when you double-click it it's looking for a program to run and shows you an error message.
You simply right click the icon, and change it's type to [directory], that should fix it. :)


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thanks Shoonay
I right clicked the icon /properties and it says type 7Z File but I don`t see how to change it to directory

night sleep tight - catch up with you all tomorrow x


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You have to unpack that and install the game, then right-click the game folder.


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it isn`t a zip file I don`t know how to unpack it - please help


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It's a CD image inside an archive. You have to unpack it, mount in Daemon Tools, insert into WinUAE and then install.


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thanks Shoonay but it too difficult for me to do ??

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