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Grzegorz B. powraca!

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Z AmiBay, real story, telefon akwizytora do polaka:

Hi everyone!,
on annual leave, just finished working outside when the home phone rang.

caller: "hello Sir, as part of Vodafones upgrade you have been selected to receive a free NOKIA handset...."
me: "Mate, is the nokia and android based? otherwise you are wasting your time!"
caller: "Yes Sir! newest NOKIA android handset"
me: "NO im not interested!"

at this point i have to advise you all that our home phone is only couple of months since we changed it and there is NO WAY any of our mobile phone providers could have know it, they still have the old home phones listed (i checked after this conversation)
also i am very happy with my current handset running android and last time i used NOKIA was few years ago ;)

so the guy keeps on rattling on and really doesnt give me any chance to say something...i am pretty laid back guy and it takes a fair amount of voulgarism to tick me off ;)
he kept on and on for over 5 min, this gave me an idea :ninja: !!!
we all pretty much know what these sort of calls are about...they just want your CC and Licence details thats all... not a problem! i'll f#%!k him up!

caller: "can i have your name please"
caller: "how do you spell that?
me: "G R Z E G O R Z"
caller: "can i have your surname please?"
caller: " do you spell that?"
me: " B R Z E ....etc etc"
caller: "..................................that is a very very unusual name sir?!"
me: " its Polish"
caller: "can i have your address please?"
me: (i knew he dialled Australian number so i had to think quick) "555 SACKVILLE TCE"
caller: "and what city?)
me: "INNALOO, Western Australia 6018" (just in case he is checking on google) ;)
caller: "can i have your mobile number please?"
me: "Mate, my mobile is actually in repair shop under warranty could you call me on my work number?"
caller: "Yes Sir not a problem Sir, what is your work number?"

i couldnt believe my luck, we are currently preparing for the state elections and the local Labour and Liberal members pamphlets have been littering our letterbox for the last couple of days! :) :) :)

me: "sure, 02 XXXXXXXX"
caller: "Sir, our despatch team will contact you tomorrow morning to confirm your drivers Lic number and credit card details"
me: "thank you so much mate! you have been a real help. could i have a REF# just in case if i wanted to change something?"
caller: "sorry Sir i can only give you my name and the toll free number, my name is John Matthews and the number is 1800 219 859"
me: "thanks mate, looking forward to your call"

anyway, the "toll free" number is international number and NOT associated with any current Australian telcos, i checked with Vodafone AU.

so far my holidays are quite amusing ;)

have a good day,
Marcin aka. Grzegorz Brzeczyszczykiewicz

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