[SOLVED] This app has been blocked for your protection.

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[SOLVED] This app has been blocked for your protection.

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Version 3.0 EXEs seem to no longer work with WinXP, they are blocked with the following message: "This app has been blocked for your protection."
Signature: Signature error reported by system.
Guess this last one is a WinXP issue.
System: Windows XP SP3


Explanation of the problem:
This problem may occur on old systems that do not have an internet connection (impossible automatic update Microsoft Certificate Store).
Please compare checksum from exe and from TheCompany.pl site:

Checksum tells you whether you have an identical exe - as it is on TheCompany.pl site
The checksum must match - if it differs - download the current version of the exe before the next steps.

First - check what Microsoft says about the signature:
1. Right click on exe -> Properties
2. "Digital Signatures" tab
3. Click digital signature and press "Details"
4. Check error information
5. Please paste error information :)

SOLUTION: (for Windows XP with SP3 and above systems without internet connection)
I think you have an outdated Microsoft Certificate Store. Your Windows XP SP3 does not have internet connection, right?

1. Please download file:

2. Transfer this file to Windows XP, and double click
3. Press "Install Certificate..."
4. Select option: "Place all certificates in the following store"
5. Press "Browse..." button and select:
Trusted Root Certification Authorities ( !!! Important! !!!)
6. OK, Next, Finish

Help image:

ATTENTION! The solution will not work if EXE has ben modified by unauthorized person or the virus!
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