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roki76 Hi and welcome here perkins :)

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Hi and welcome here perkins :)



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Hi folks! You have transport me and my sister 15 years to past, full of beautiful memorys. Thank you on that.
Keep the good work.

Greetings from Croatia


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Hey Guys - I didn't want to open another topic with the same subject, I just wanted to express my gratitude for what you have done. Amiga was a period of happines in my life, and it felt just SO good that I don't have to struggle with emulators and/or separate files any more (or incompatibility issues, for that case), just download the exe and enjoy the simplicity and sillines on North and South in a minute...brilliant! :)
Thank you for putting the effort into producing these files...cheers!

Peter from London


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Big thanks from Hungary!


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Hey Guys,

I also want to thank you the great work you have done with these classic games. To tell the truth, I've never had an Amiga, I grew up with a Commodore 64. When I was a child the Amiga was too expensive in Hungary so we couldn't afford it. But we had a great journal called Commodore World (Commodore Vilag) where we could read about the Amiga. Now, 20 years later, I managed to try this machine and I'm amazed. Rick Dangerous, Dizzy, Shadow of the Beast... all these games were ported to C64 and it brings back so many good memories. It's like a time machine. Thanks so much!

Just a question: do you plan to do something similar with C64 games in the future? Or do you know about a group who do it? Launching an EXE and playing right away is really comfortable :)

Thanks again,



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Hello and welcome here ;)
No,The Company releases only Amiga EXE games :)


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I've got pretty much the entire collection from your stash, my younger sisters played lemmings all night and i heard much laughing. It's great to see the young generation experience what i did when i first played lemmings :)


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Hello and welcome on TheCompany :)



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Welcome Perkins. :mrgreen:


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EvilGhost wrote:I wanna thank you guys for doing those EXE files... they are just amazing! I have WinUAE with all Amiga games, but those EXE are the best... the best configuration, the best loading time, just so simple... great work!!!

Im from Brazil btw... AMIGA was the best on the 80s... I miss it :)

Hi EvilGhost - I'm from Brazil too! Very cool. My favorite old game console was the Sega Genesis - remember that one? I had so much fun with it....



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Welcome EvilGhost! I ain't afraid of no ghost! :)


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Hi everybody,
Just wanted to say hi and a big thank you for all those games.
The hours I spend playing those games on my old amiga 500+,the fun I had ,it's all coming back with these exe games :) :)


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First time on today. I have to agree - this sort of packaging of Amiga games has been a long time desire, and I wish to thank you for your efforts to make them OS transparent, so I could share the marvels of the Amiga era with people who have no clue how to run am emulator properly. I have to ask, too. What is it about Poland that you folks kept making games for the Amiga for years and years after the system had all but died everywhere else? :mrgreen:


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Hi DeeGee, welcome to TC!

DeeGee wrote:What is it about Poland that you folks kept making games for the Amiga for years and years after the system had all but died everywhere else? :mrgreen:
I wouldn't say it died everywhere else, but Amiga was - and still is - very popular here.
Probably because it was the very first computer for most of us, after the iron gate of communism was broken, and/or, because it had a soul. :)


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The same is true :tuptup1:

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